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With proper care, your marble and granite products will always look beautiful and new year after year. If looked after correctly, stone is one of the easiest to maintain.

There are 3 key steps to maintaining the natural beauty of marble and granite:


Follow these simple pointers to maintain the beauty of your marble and granite.


Floors, Walls and Table Tops:

Simply wipe with clean water and a cloth to remove any dust or dirt from your stone. Excessively dirty table tops and floors should be wiped with a marble detergent diluted in water followed by rinsing thoroughly with clean water. Buffing with a dry wool felt pad (without wax) will help to remove water spots.


  • - ?KR33?, ?Everclean?, ?Rainstop?, ?lmperston? sealers have been designed to penetrate even the smallest pores in marble and granite surfaces. When applied to the surface, it penetrates deeply into the pores and slowly expands thus partially sealing the surface.
  • Apply three (3) coats.�
  • Place first coat and wait 15 mins later before applying the second coat. Apply the third and final coat an hour after this.�
  • After 3 hours use a woollen pad to polish the surface vigorously (floors or kitchen tops)
  • Sealing should occur every few years.


Once the surface is sealed all you have to do is routinely give it a quick wipe with a cloth and clean water. This is your guide to preserving the beauty of your marble or granite installation.

Floors, Walls and Table Tops:

Periodic wiping with clean water and a cloth is generally sufficient to keep your marble tile installation looking like new. Dirty floors should be wiped with a marble detergent diluted in water followed by rinsing thoroughly with clean water. Buffing with a dry wool felt pad (without wax) will help to remove water spots.


Strong detergents, corrosive liquids, or scouring powders can dull the polished marble/granite surface and should not be used. Spilled liquids should be dried up immediately before they penetrate the surface of the marble. If the liquid had been absorbed, the surface can be restored to its original beauty by following these procedures.

Wine, Ink, or Other Non-fat stains:

Mix moulding plaster and pure bleach to a toothpaste like consistency. Be sure to wear rubber gloves. Spread the paste over the stain about 6mm thick and allow it to stand for approximately 30 mins. Remove the paste and wash tile marble with clean water. This may require multiple treatments until tile stain is fully removed. Moulding plaster and bleach can be purchased at www.sydneyhardware.com.au . We stock Industria Chimica General 'DET2' to remove these types of stains (this is classified as 'dangerous goods' for transport) so must be collected at our store in St Peters.

Oils and Fat Stains:

Cleaning these types of stains by creating a thick paste using moulding plaster and water. Mould the paste into a "birds nest" shape surrounding the stain and allow the paste to dry. After about 30 mins pour mineral spirits into the "nest" and allow it to stand for 3 hours. Absorb the liquid with a towel and then using a wooden scraper, remove the hardened "nest" materials. Wash and rinse with clean water and repeat the procedure as necessary.
'AquaMix' stain remover works on this type of stain. (Not classified as 'dangerous goods' for transport).

Additional Cleaning tips:

Detergents available from www.sydneyhardware.com.au are effective cleaning materials for the removal of deep seated sub-surface dirt and grime on marble, granite and stone in general. It may also be applied to honed or polished stone and is effective in cleaning intricate carvings, mouldings and other detailing.

For additional help with cleaning marble or hundreds of other useful tips see our friendly staff in store at www.sydneyhardware.com.au


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