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Everclean sealer
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Water base sealers
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EVERCLEAN: Anti-stain protecting agent for marble, granite, natural stone, concrete brickworks, unglazed ceramics. 
  • Formulated by special molecular elements on solvent basis free from corrosive elements.
  • No film or colour change.
  • The natural transpiration of the materials is not interfered.
  • High protecting action against all seepage and alien substances damaging and deteriorating the materials.
KR 33: Revives the natural shades of the stone with long lasting effects and it performs a total waterproofing, anti-stain, anti-mould action and good stain resistance.

The reviving effect gives a special shine to the treated stone enhancing the shine of the mechanical polishing. We highly recommend KR33 for coloured granites.

MONOCERA: Solid wax for marble terracotta granite. - Helps to get a very high glossiness grade to marble, granite, natural stone, brickworks, concrete works, agglomerates and unglazed ceramic tiles.
  • Does not leave rings nor marks
  • Cleans without eroding.
  • For use: Spread the product on the surface and polish with a clean cloth. Allow to penetrate into the pores. When the wax has been spread and dry, give the surface a rub using another clean cloth.
RAINSTOP: A waterproofing, antismog, antimould protecting agent;
  • it penetrates through the surface waterproofing the stone.
  • Does not create a film nor does it change the colour.
  • Does not interfere with the natural transpiration of the stone.
  • Creates a barrier against water seepage and protects against the corrosive action of the atmospheric agents, giving prominence to the natural shades.
  • Helps anti-slip on the polished surface.
UNIVERSAL SPRAY: An aerosol product which creates a shine (just like wax) on the stone. 
  • Cleans without the use of a corrosive detergent
  • With regular use, renews the shine
  • For bronze, steel chromed metals, brass and marble, granite, ceramic and onyx surfaces.
  • UNIVERSAL SPRAY formula is an environmentally friendly spray. It contains no propellant gases which could damage the ozone layer